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Charity of the Month

We are trying to have the most positive impact in this world that we can. For this reason, we are donating 10% of  our profits to a different charity each month, except for our “Charity” line, which 100% of the profits are donated. So far, we have raised over £400 

For the month of January, we are support Anti Slavery International, who are focusing on both structural and grass-root level changes, the organisation helps change laws, lobbying, sharing reports that help combat slavery. Some examples of modern day slavery include, human trafficking, child labour, descent based labour, child marriage, forced marriage, bonded labour, supply chain slavery,  and forced labour. In 2018, the organization empowered 77,388 individuals to understand, assert and claim their rights,  54 Quaranic schools stopped forcing their students to beg on the streets, and 307 people of slave descent benefitted from literacy training in Mauritania. 
Read more about  Anti Slavery International here: 
You can read more about them here
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