Charity of the Month

We are trying to have the most positive impact in this world that we can. For this reason, we are donating 10% of  our profits to a different charity each month. Together, we have already raised over 370 GBP!  To help the cause even further, we are choosing a different product each month, which 100%  of its  proceeds will be donated to the charity. The Charity design of the month is the "Classic" Collection

For the month of October,  I have chosen a charity that is so close to my heart. I lived in Serbia for 2 years, and I saw first-hand how bad the homeless/abandoned dog situation was. Especially in rural areas outside of Belgrade, the amount of abandoned dogs is disheartening. For that reason, I have chosen Vucjak Shelter, an organization ran by a kind-hearted individual who really shows his commitment to every single dog. 
Read more about them here: 
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