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Meet our Artists

Nona Dimitrova
The mind behind out "Leaf" collection. Check out her Instagram 
Here is what she has to say: 
"Hi everybody, my name is Nona and I’m the one who’s been working on some of the new designs coming to Green Spirits currently. It has been an honour and pleasure to work with Despina on these, as I, myself, am becoming more and more passionate about sustainability and veganism, and am learning something new from Despina every single day. Although I’m only beginning my journey, I am excited to see where it takes me, as well as thankful o have such thorough, guided help, all thanks to Depsina’s own passion and commitment through her social media and interaction with her followers. I love to draw and doodle, therefore it was so much fun coming up with something fun, as well as pretty which you guys would want to buy and wear. Hope you enjoy these new designs.
All my love, 

Rachel Croft
The creator of "There's No Planet B" design. 
Here is what she has to say:

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel and I created the ‘There's No Planet B’ design for Despina and Green Spirits! It has been great working with someone who is genuinely passionate about all the current issues our world is facing, which in turn has made me that much more motivated to make my own little changes in order to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle like the one Despina is living and documenting.

I honestly didn’t realise how many simple everyday changes I could make to my lifestyle in order to live a more sustainable and ethical one. This is all thanks to Despina, through the likes of her instagram, YouTube and this amazing company. She’s helped me and so many others by encouraging them to start making switches, such as what we eat, and how to do that in a sustainable manner, as we only have one planet, and it needs saving; hence the slogan and design. We only have one shot at this, there is no plan B!